Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Historic architecture meets cutting-edge design, unparalleled service, and a slice of Harley-Davidson heaven giving Milwaukee one of the country’s best and renowned boutique hotel experiences.

Services provided: Investment, Re-positioning, and Management


The transformation of a 100-year-old warehouse into the industry’s first and only modern luxury boutique for business and leisure travelers.

In 1907, William Berger commissioned the distinguished Milwaukee architecture firm, Buemming and Dick, to build a warehouse for the Berger Bedding Company. Located next to the city’s primary rail line the building was divided into the factory (today’s hotel) and the warehouse (today’s Smyth restaurant, located behind the building’s firewall). The bedding company this home until 1927 when the brick building became the Molitor Box Company, after being purchased by George Molitor Hormuth. In 1955, the structure became cold storage until Tim Dixon of Dixon Development LLC purchased it in 2005. Today, the hotel remains nestled along active railroad tracks. Located at the origin and terminal point of the tracks means that The Iron Horse Hotel guest is treated to the slow chug of freight cars a few times each day.

The name of the hotel also refers to the modern motorcycle, quite fitting considering its location near the Harley-Davidson Museum. After the name was chosen, it was discovered that the building’s century-old distinct carved capitals serendipitously resembled an “I” in the shape of a horse head and an “H.” The logo was born and now subtly graces areas of the hotel.

The Iron Horse Hotel is part of an urban revitalization that integrates irreplaceable historic architecture with the latest in luxury amenities, technology, and environmental sustainability – from the re-use of the building itself and reclaimed materials for design elements to the ample covered motorcycle parking that encourages use of more fuel-efficient transportation. We are proud of our Travel Green Wisconsin partners Great Lakes Distillery, Lakefront Brewery, Harley-Davidson Museum, Lake Express High Speed Ferry, Miller Park, and many more.