Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Fun Reasons To Vacation In Reborn Detroit

New buzz-worthy hotels are rockin' to this city’s revitalized rhythm. A dazzler: Detroit Foundation Hotel, which defines cool vibes. This hotspot gathering haven is warmly welcoming, too. Meticulously renovated, the historic building, formerly the old Detroit Fire Department Headquarters, has retained its fire-brigade-theme aesthetic while reinvented as a hip hotel. A we're-in-this-together message excites, as the hotel incorporates and celebrates the work of Detroit visionaries. Décor and amenities made by local artisans and biz whizzes are a vital part of the hotel's DNA. Note that the tasty treats in guest rooms' curated minibars, stylish staff vests and custom-made light fixtures, such as area-artist Kim Harty’s whimsical cumulus-motif glass bulbs in the first-floor hallway, are all Detroit designed. Now that's a key-unlocking way for hospitality leaders to give back and support community. To showcase local artists at the hotel, Matt Eaton, director and curator of Red Bull Arts, was tasked to recommend work infused with unique visual drama. The result? A lodging successfully adorned with eye-opening pleasures.