Hotel Management


No hotel can succeed without the right people and Aparium partners and employees are the best the hospitality industry has to offer. We create cultures of accountability, measurement, and collaboration allowing for complete transparency, open dialogue, and shared vision between owners, operators, and employees. We maximize revenue, ensure profitability, and create asset value through a proven method of hiring, training, and exceptional service delivery.


Concept and Development

A great hotel is a destination and can be a catalyst for economic development. The process starts with carefully listening to your key audiences, thoroughly studying the marketplace, completely understanding the driving vision, and incorporating overall business goals. Through market analysis, business planning, design and construction, financing and enhancement, and concepting and branding leadership, Aparium hotels are industry leaders and points of pride on every level.


Technical Services

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We provide technical services to effectively plan, design, and equip hotels prior to opening or during repositioning. We advise owners on the selection of consultants, vendors, designers, and contractors. We prepare comprehensive plans for mechanicals, electrical systems, IT, security, food and beverage, and design. We review plans and specifications guaranteeing operational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in overall design and layout. From recommending the number, size, and design of guest rooms, meeting spaces, amenities, and food and beverage concepts to vetting qualified systems vendors, our technical services are comprehensive and proven.